Our recommendations

Advice to parents

To ensure that your children are placed in the best possible conditions, please consider:

  • Gather the necessary information from our hostesses, animators or monitors on site and on our website before your arrival.
  • Dress your child properly: anorak, helmet, mittens, sunglasses, sunscreen, tissues.
  • Wearing a ski helmet is highly recommended for children on the slopes, it is compulsory for some levels (competition and freestyle).
  • Wrist protections are also recommended for snowboarding lessons.
  • Please don't attend your child's lessons and don't get noticed by them.
  • Leave it to the instructors to decide whether or not to change levels.
  • Your child is on holiday and the aim is for them to enjoy their stay and want to come back next year, so respect their pace, don't try to turn them into champions too early!
  • Be sure to keep to the times and meeting points.
  • Tell your child to ask for a toilet stop if necessary.
  • Do not lie on your child's age.