Texte d'introduction

Advice to parents

Our recommendations

For the smoooth introduction to skiing and to ensure your child is comfortable we recommend the following:

  • Please read and collect all the necessary information received from our offices, partners or instructors or from our website before your arrival.
  • Make sure your child is dressed and has the correct equipment suitable for skiing: coat, salopettes, helmet, gloves, sunglasses / goggles, sunscreen, hankerchief, ski's, boots. 
  • A helmet is strongly recommended for children in all lessons on the slopes, compulsory for certain levels (competition, freestyle).
  • Wristguards are also recommended for snowboard
  • Please let us teach your children and don't try to assist us during lessons. Watching is permitted but we find the children respond best when parents are not watching.  
  • Leave it to the instructors to decide when your child is ready to change to the next level
  • Your child ids on vacation and the initial goal is to make them happy and want to come back, so respect their progress, do not try and make them a champion before they are ready.
  • Respect and observe the the times and meeting points for the lessons. Please arrive in plenty of time so your child is not stressed.
  • Please advise your child that they can request a toilet stop if necessary during a lesson.
  • Please ensure we know the correct age of your child, each age group has adapted learning techniques and your child will benefit most from being in their correct age group. (proof of age may be required).

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